What is It?

A Crypto Party is a fun educational social event where we talk about and teach each other cryptography principles, use of cryptography-focused software, security culture, and related topics.

Where & When

Location: Taxes To You, 2428 Alemeda Drive, Suite 162, Norfolk, Virginia 23513
Time & Date: Saturday, September 21st, 2013. 7:30pm.

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What to Do

Bring yourself, your friends, and a laptop you are willing to install software on and use on a public network. If you already have a public key bring fingerprint and id for signing.

Show Up, Help Out, Learn; Have Fun

Everyone has their own relationship with privacy and anonymity. Participating in a Crypto Party gives you the opportunity to learn from and teach others the essential skills to be safe with digital information. If you use privacy enhancing software a Crypto Party gives you a chance to share your knowledge. If you have wanted to learn how to be safer online, show up and join in!

A Defense Against The Dark Arts

Are you worried about identity thieves, surveillance, scammers or oppressive regimes? A Crypto Party is a place to get hands on experience and direct access to people that use security and privacy enhancing tools. It is encouraged to have fun and learn to install and use cryptographic software throughout the party.

Why are we doing this?

We feel that cryptography, privacy and anonymity are for everybody! We all have personal private information that deserves protection. Let's help each other to learn the mindset and correct use of the tools necessary to protect ourselves online.

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